September 13: Michelangelo’s David

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And, on September 13, 1814, the British shell Ft. McHenry, inspiring Francis Scott Key to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

September 13 is the birthday of Ray Charles, Claudette Colbert, and Roald Dahl, and Ray Charles; Moses Malone, Tupac Shakur, and George Wallace died. In ancient Rome, September 13 was the Epulum Jovis, and in the US it’s National Peanut Day and National Iguana Awareness Day. Sometimes, it’s Friday the Thirteenth. September’s birthstone is the sapphire; flowers are forget-me-nots, morning glories, and asters, and its birth flowers are poppy and gladiolus. In traditional astrology, September 13 is in Virgo; in sidereal astrology it’s in Leo.

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