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About Michael Dobson

Before starting Timespinner Press and the The Story of a Special Day series, Michael Dobson had already written over 25 books, including novels, management and project management books, and historical studies.

Dobson was part of the original team that built and opened the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC. He wrote and developed exhibits, authored articles for Smithsonian books on aircraft, and managed public operations of the Albert Einstein Spacearium. In the 1980s, Dobson was head of game design and marketing for TSR, publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, leading an exceptional creative team in the development of cutting-edge entertainment products.

His bestselling book Practical Project Management has been called “the best project management book ever written. His book Enlightened Office Politics (co-authored with his wife Deborah) was named one of the 100 Best Business Books of 2001 by the prestigious Library Journal. Two of his novels were selected by the Military Book Club, and he won the H. G. Wells Award for game design for AD&D Battlesystem. His books have been translated into Chinese, German, Polish, and other languages.

In 2010, Dobson was awarded the Samaritan Medal for Peace and Humanitarian Service by the indigenous Samaritan people for his work in Israel and Palestine. He is the world’s only private owner of an Apollo spacesuit.

Dobson has lived in North Carolina, Germany, Alabama, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, and currently lives near Washington, DC. He is married to frequent co-author and human resources executive Deborah Singer Dobson. They have one son, James, and two Shelties.

Timespinner Press & the Story of the Day

For years, Michael Dobson celebrated the birthdays of his Facebook friends by putting together a little post on their special day: who was born, what happened, and more. People loved them, and asked for more. “How wonderful!” “Where did you find all the information?” “Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble!”

Knowing how much people enjoyed this information (and being a history and trivia buff himself), Dobson decided to turn this hobby research into a line of books. He started Timespinner Press as an imprint to put together a complete series of books covering every single day of the year (even including February 29).

The first series of 31 books, covering the month of March, appeared in March 2013. The next set will appear about four months later, and more months will follow every three to four months until the year is complete. (If you’d like your special day sooner, just email.)

What’s next after 366 books? Stay tuned.