May 28: Spanish Armada Sets Sail

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May 28 is…

…The day the Spanish Armada set sail and George Washington started a war.

…The anniversary of the earliest historical event whose date is known with certainty (May 28, 585 BCE).

…The day the Dionne Quintuplets were born and Mathias Rust landed in Red Square.

…It’s Araw ng Watawat in the Philippines, Armed Forces Day in Croatia, and Downfall of the Derg Day in Ethiopia.

…The birthday of author Ian Fleming, actress Carroll Baker, mayor Rudy Giuliani, singer Kylie Minogue, rocker John Fogerty, blues legend T-Bone Walker, and athlete Jim Thorpe.

…The day Gary Coleman, Phil Hartman, Noah Webster, Audie Murphy, and the Duke of Windsor died.

…and a whole lot more!

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