January 13: The Frisbee® Goes on the Market

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The Story of a Special Day for January 13

On January 13, 1957, the original Frisbee Flying Disk (then called the “Pluto Platter”) went into production. Plus, the first radio broadcast to the public took place (1910), and Johnny Cash played at Folsom Prison (1968).

“Last of the Red Hot Mamas” Sophie Tucker was born on January 13, as were Horatio Alger, Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and mystic George Gurdjieff. Lawman Wyatt Earp, writer James Joyce, and songwriter Stephen Foster died.

January 13 is Constitution Day in Mongolia, Liberation Day in Togo, and Peach Melba Day in the US. January’s birthstone is garnet and its birth flower is carnation. The zodiac sign for January 13 is Capricorn (traditional) and Sagittarius (sidereal).

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