February 4: George Washington Elected President!

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The Story of a Special Day for February 4

The special occasion gift they’ll never throw away — a whole book for the price of a premium card!

…What happened in history?

…Who was born?

…Who died?

What happened on *your* special day? From celebrations around the world to significant moments in history, birthdays, zodiac signs, and all-month events, this book makes a perfect birthday present or anniversary gift — one that will be kept and remembered long after an ordinary birthday card has been forgotten!

On February 4, 1789, George Washington was elected first President of the United States. But that’s not all!. On February 4…

…the 47 Ronin died after avenging their master

…the Confederacy was formed

…FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta

…the SLA kidnapped Patty Hearst

…and Facebook was founded!

Charles Lindbergh, Rosa Parks, Clint Black, Alice Cooper, Oscar de la Hoya, Ida Lupino, and Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh all share a February 4 birthday. Liberace, Karen Carpenter, and Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone, died on this day.

There’s plenty to celebrate on February 4! In Sri Lanka, it’s Independence Day. California and Missouri celebrate Rosa Parks Day. It’s also National Homemade Soup Day, and (if February 4 falls on a Saturday) it’s Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

Each volume of The Story of a Special Day is packed with rare historical photos and fascinating facts. Plus, holidays around the world; birthday gems, flowers, and other symbols; horoscope signs; sayings and superstitions; and much, much more!

With 76 pages packed with 34 historic photographs and illustrations, The Story of a Special Day is a feast for the eyes as well as for the brain.

A perfect birthday present or anniversary gift, February 4: The Story of a Special Day will make anyone feel special on his or her very special occasion. Look for upcoming titles covering each and every day of the year…because every day is a special day for someone you know! [Ebook coming soon!]