August 12: Death of Cleopatra

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On August 12, 30 BCE, Cleopatra committed suicide after her lover Mark Antony lost his war with the future Caesar Augustus. Also on August 12, Isaac Singer patented the first practical sewing machine, Hawaii was annexed by the United States, the last quagga died in captivity, and IBM released its first personal computer.

August 12 is the birthday of country singers Buck Owens and Porter Wagoner, tennis star Pete Sampras, comic actor Cantinflas, and director Cecil B. De Mille. James Bond creator Ian Fleming died on August 12, as did actress Lauren Bacall, poet William Blake, “father of railways” George Stephenson, and actor Henry Fonda.

There’s plenty to celebrate on August 12! In England, it’s “Glorious Twelfth,” beginning of the grouse hunting season. Russia honors its air force, Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day, and if you’re looking for an excuse to clean out the attic, it’s National Garage Sale Day.

Don’t forget the whole month of August! Did you know it was originally known as Sextilis? Or that its astrological signs are both Leo and Cancer? Plus, there’s information on August birthstones, flowers, and much more. E

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