November 13th in History

On This Day in History

  • St. Brice’s Day Massacre: English monarch Æthelred II the Unready orders that all Danish men in England be killed (1002)
  • First English Civil War: The Battle of Turnham Green is a standoff, but the Royalist forces are unable to break through to London (1642)
  • Bloody Sunday: A demonstration in London turns violent; at least 75 are badly injured (1887)
  • New York City and New Jersey are linked on the opening of the Holland Tunnel (1927)
  • The US Supreme Court declares Alabama laws requiring segregated buses illegal as a result of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1956)
  • Robert DeFeo, Jr., murders his family in Amityville, Long Island. The house becomes known as the Amityville Horror (1974)
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated (1982)
  • Micronesia and the Marshall Islands become independent from the United States (1986)
  • War in Afghanistan: Kabul falls to the Northern Alliance (2002)
Rosa Parks’s Bus (Henry Ford Museum)


  • Augustine of Hippo, theologian and saint (354)
  • Edward III, English monarch (1312)
  • Johann Eck, theologian (1486)
  • Joseph Hooker, Civil War Union general (1814)
  • James Clerk Maxwell, physicist (1831)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson, author (1850)
  • Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court justice (1856)
  • ইস্কান্দার মীর্জা (Iskander Mirza), first President of Pakistan (1898*)
  • Hermione Baddeley, actresss (1906)
  • William Bradford Huie, author (1910)
  • Helen Mack, actress (1913)
  • Robert Sterling, actor (1917)
  • Oskar Werner, actor (1922)
  • Richard Mulligan, actor (1932)
  • Peter Arnett, journalist (1934)
  • Garry Marshall, actor, director, producer (1934)
  • Jean Seberg, actress (1938)
  • Dack Rambo, actor (1941)
  • Joe Mantegna, actor (1947)
  • Tracy Scoggins, actress  (1953)
  • Chris Noth, actor (1954)
  • Whoopi Goldberg, actress (1955)
  • Stephen Baxter, science fiction writer (1957)

* Timespinner Press is proud to publish From Plassey to Pakistan: The Family History of Iskander Mirza, by his son, Humayun Mirza.


  • Malcolm III, Scottish monarch and inspiration for Shakespeare’s Macbeth character (1093)
  • Henry the Navigator, Portuguese prince (1460)
  • Camille Pissarro, painter (1903)
  • Saki (H. H. Munro), author (1916)
  • Bernard DeVoto, historian (1955)
  • Vittorio De Sica, director (1974)
  • Karen Silkwood, activist (1974)
  • Junior Samples, Hee Haw regular (1983)
  • Valerie Hobson, actress (1998)
  • Red Holzman, basketball coach (1998)
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Russell Jones), Wu-Tang Clan rapper (2004)


  • Feast of the Hundred Thousand Martyrs of Tblisi (ასი ათასი მოწამე) (Georgian Orthodox Church — O. S. October 31*)
  • National Indian Pudding Day (US food holidays)
  • St. Brice’s Day (Christianity)
  • World Kindness Day (International)

* O. S. (“Old Style”) refers to the fact that certain Orthodox Christian churches use the Julian calendar, rather than the modern Gregorian calendar, for liturgical purposes. November 13 on the Gregorian calendar is the same as October 31 on the Julian calendar.

November 13 is the 317th day of the year (318th in leap years), with 48 days remaining until year’s end.